Port Discover: Supplier Management System

Eliminate risks and make smarter, faster decisions by integrating successful supplier management into your workflow. With a bit of help from Portt, you’ll be able to quickly identify cost opportunities, assess and manage risks, ensure deliverables are consistently met, seamlessly manage performance, and more!


Supercharge your supplier management with these extraordinary benefits and features

Effortlessly manage your suppliers and capture all key information with Portt’s simple and effective supplier management process.

Capture key information

Capture valuable documentation, data and insights required for excellent supplier management.

Detailed classifications

Classify and report on suppliers based on a wide range of classifications, including key government metrics.

Track insurances

Manage supplier insurances with ease, including status and relevant expirations.

User-friendly interface

Keep track of audit trails, approvals, variations and contracts conveniently online via a user-friendly interface.

Live track performance

Track supplier performance with clarity and insight. Immediately understand performance in real-time, gain feedback, and assess risks.

Automation and templates

Speed up performance management, tasks and contract management plans with templates and automation.

Achieve rapid setup

The plug-and-play solution you’ve been looking for. Add your supplier’s name, and we’ll do the rest.

Risk and issue templates

Reduce and manage risk with advanced risk and issue templates specific to each procurement and contract type.

Enhanced collaboration

Collaborate in real-time with internal and external stakeholders, including obtaining and sharing eSignatures and documents.

Thoroughly evaluate risks

Thoroughly assess, evaluate, and manage potential and known risks of suppliers with unparalleled ease.

Improve efficiency

Improve your onboarding efficiency through a systematic, monitored and consistent approach across your organisation.

Build stronger relationships

Maintain strong supplier relationships by reducing miscommunication and enhancing collaboration.

Monitor records

Maintain effective record keeping throughout the life of your contracts, including seamless integration into records management systems.

Enhanced integration

Integrate data and business functions with convenience throughout the entire supplier lifecycle.

Collaborate with suppliers

Collaborate directly with your suppliers for transparency on obligation management. Share critical milestones, deliverables and compliance activities with your suppliers in digital form.

Simple, smart and highly intuitive

Receive personalised alerts and reminders; you’ll never miss a deadline or task again! 

Create bespoke workflows

Consistently capture and action key obligations with seamless, bespoke workflow creation.


We help the very best with their Supplier Performance Management.

Experience a seamless, rapid deployment

Portt integrates seamlessly into your existing systems with ZERO downtime. Our supplier management software has been developed with an off-the-shelf integration layer for speedy deployment and comprehensive automation capabilities for teams of all sizes.


Streamline your supplier management process

Implementing quality supplier management significantly improves cost savings and drives efficiency for every type of organisation. Portt’s user-friendly, sophisticated supplier management software includes a single entry point for all necessary elements of an easy-to-adapt supplier management process. Capture critical data, assess risks and streamline finance and supply chains to drive cost out of your business.


Portt Core

Portt Core is your strategic procurement toolkit, providing a modern, scalable platform for the management of all procurement and contract activity.

Guide your users through the scope, plan, source and award process of your simplest or most complex procurement projects. Intuitive workflow and automation guides users through all tasks, documentation development, approvals and compliance requirements.

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Portt Analytics

Open up truly rich data insights for your organisation through Portt Analytics.

Through access to a master data set, Portt Analytics provides ultimate transparency, as well as the ability to report according to your specific framework requirements. Use these insight capabilities to drive educated decision-making and efficiency within your business.

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Portt Hub

Collaborate with your supplier via the Portt Hub to improve risk management plans, resolve issues, update progress milestones and complete activities.

Portt Hub - Our dedicated supplier portal - streamlines supplier administration, assessments and notifications, acting as a central communication hub with automation ability that makes your procurement activities simply easier.

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Portt Discover has you covered

Read more about what Portt Discover can do for you! From successful supplier onboarding to extensive supply chain risk and performance management, Portt has you covered.  

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