Portt Core: Purchasing Software

Simplify and strategise your contract management and procurement process with Portt Core: the complete procurement software. Give your organisation the power to enable strategic sourcing, and experience organisational benefits across the entire commercial value chain


Experience a seamless integration

Integrate Portt seamlessly into your existing systems! Our powerful, stand-alone procurement and contract management software requires no code to get started; an intuitive setup engine ensures it fits your existing workflows like a glove! Receive instant access, extensive automation and workflow capabilities, and all the support you need from our friendly and experienced team.


All the features you’ve been looking for, all in one place

Procurement process and planning

Gain a deeper understanding of your organisation’s strategic sourcing and RFx management. Intuitively manage several repetitive tasks with Portt to streamline and increase your processing accuracy. With Portt’s key features, you’ll gain the power to make strategic contract sourcing and management decisions like never before.

Contract lifecycle management

Contract management is made easy with a convenient and comprehensive central register for all contracts and reporting. Always receive your contract’s negotiations by collaborating, driving compliance and holding suppliers accountable to ensure they meet their obligations.

Supplier relationship management

Achieve value for money and improved efficiency for your supplier relationship management. With Portt, you have the ability to store all your supplier’s information and reporting, and obtain critical insights into supplier interactions that will drive strategic and positive future decision making.

Managing contractual obligations

The key to good contract management is ensuring your supplier’s consistently meet their obligations. Portt enables you to manage contractual obligations by driving best practice contract management workflows and dashboard reporting to ensure your supplier is held accountable to the terms of their contract.

Digitised process and procedures

Improve your organisation’s internal transparency and productivity through digitising all processes and procedures. All users of your system gain a productivity dashboard, providing a centralised view of their records, current and future tasks and activities, milestones and assessments.


Supercharge your management, sourcing and planning capabilities

Contract Management
Obligation Management
Procurement Planning
Strategic Sourcing

Contract Management

With extensive contract management capabilities, you’ll revolutionise how your organisation handles your procurement process and strategic sourcing. With Portt, you’ll gain complete transparency on all contract activities and benefit from a range of features specifically designed to supercharge your contract management:

  • Keep contract information secure at all times
  • Ensure contract renewals are compliant and received on time, every time
  • Maintain contract records and a ‘paper trail’ of changes
  • Accurately manage contract risks and issues
  • Always know where everything is with a centralised contract register
  • Create comprehensive contract management plans
  • Provide complete and detailed contract audit trails
  • Manage contract tasks and compliance
  • Undertake contract documentation and records management

Obligation Management

Every contract includes obligations (for everyone involved in the contract) to meet the requirements and responsibilities outlined in the agreement. These obligations can be as simple as making sure a quarterly review meeting is held or more complicated, with financial payments needed to meet obligations.

Regardless of the type of contract or obligations, Portt makes obligation management easy. With Portt, you can manage each contract’s obligations through a best-practice approach to contract management, a superior workflow, and dashboard reporting that ensures your contract obligations are consistently met.

Procurement Planning

Effortlessly manage compliance and approval activities, plan procurement strategies that work, and promote positive outcomes for your organisation with a bit of help from Portt! 

Portt Core’s vast range of features helps you drive cost out of your business through effective procurement planning. With Portt, you’ll be able to:

  • Effortlessly manage procurement requests

  • Efficiently create procurement management plans

  • Provide effective procurement risk management

  • Ensure procurement compliance at all times

  • Create and analyse procurement forecasts for powerful insights and faster decision making

  • Conduct procurement audits with complete transparency

  • Easily manage procurement documentation

Strategic Sourcing

Provide your procurement team with all the flexibility they need to efficiently manage every stage of a sourcing event: from the moment a request comes in through to complex, multi-stage approvals.

With Portt, you’ll be giving your organisation the power to funnel every proposed sourcing event through a robust request process, ensuring that only approved sourcing events become ‘go to market’ activities. You’ll be able to:

  • Simplify your workflows for each type of sourcing activity, from self serve to your most complex.

  • Automatically create workflows specific to each sourcing event, including all activities, milestones, risks, assessments and date triggers.

  • Eliminate risk and human error; your strategic sourcing can all be created without your team needing to remember to do anything!

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Buy-side or Sell-side, it can all be done with Portt

We have developed Portt to complement your existing enterprise business systems or provide you entry into our market-leading procurement systems eco-system that will drive lasting positive organisational change and empowerment. 

Portt Discover

The supplier risk and performance management software gives you the power to make better business decisions.

Our easily-integrated solution is the perfect technology partner for taking your organisation into the next era of procurement.

Learn more about Portt Discover

Portt Analytics

Reveal truly rich data insights for your organisation through Portt Analytics.

Through access to a master data set, Portt Analytics provides ultimate transparency, as well as the ability to report according to your specific framework requirements. Use these insight capabilities to drive educated decision making and efficiency within your business.

Learn more about Portt Analytics

Portt Hub

Collaborate with your supplier via the Portt Hub to improve risk management plans, resolve issues, update progress milestones and complete activities.

Portt Hub - our dedicated supplier portal - streamlines supplier administration, assessments and notifications, acting as a central communication hub with automation ability that makes your procurement activities simply easier.

Learn more about Portt Hub

Designed for all teams of all sizes

Procurement Teams

Procurement teams who need to run sourcing activities that range from simple to highly complex from a single unified platform. From the simplest of single quote sourcing activities to the most challenging capital works projects, Portt’s configurable workflows ensure that all sourcing events can be handled easily.

Contract Managers

Contract Managers who need to manage contracts with complex deliverables, obligations and milestones. Portt delivers contract managers clear outcomes through configurable workflows that drive benefits to every contract.

Vendor Managers

Vendor managers who manage supplier relationships and performance with multiple internal and external stakeholders. Portt enables full supplier performance management capabilities across numerous internal and external stakeholders.

Supply Chain Teams

Supply chain professionals who need to manage multiple upstream vendors to build a product. Portt provides complete visibility to your supply chain and full dashboard capabilities to manage your supplier’s performance.

Project Managers

Project managers who need to manage contractual obligations, KPIs / SLAs, payment claims and defect liabilities.

Legal Teams

Legal teams who need access to a single database with all agreements, including confidential documents. Portt enables variable access to the contract database, ensuring that users only see the contracts they’re supposed to see.

Portt Core has you covered

Read more about what Portt Core can do for you! From successful contract lifecycle management to extensive strategic sourcing and obligation management, Portt has you covered. 

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