Portt Core: Procurement Software

Empower your procurement team like never before! Portt provides advanced capabilities to heighten your team’s efficiency and increase the transparency of processes while reducing administrative time and effort! 

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Carefully curated features tailored to your needs

Help your organisation thrive with premium features and benefits tailored to your needs. With a no-code integration strategy, you’ll be able to build the procurement ecosystem you need – minus the hassle!

Management plans

Procurement management plans provide you with a powerful tool for building specific procurement pathways, scenarios and workflows. Assigning the correct activities, tasks, assessments, and schedules is trouble-free and efficient!

Risks and issues

With Portt, you’ll be able to successfully manage risks and issues throughout the procurement and contract lifecycle. Portt generates risks automatically, so you never have to worry about missing something.

Compliance management

Manage tasks and compliance activities against procurements, with a bit of help from Portt’s fully customisable compliance management capabilities. Simplify the way you give instructions, collaborate, provide supporting documentation and more.

Costs and forecasting

Forecast spend with ease and capture all cost and expenditure information by category. With this information, you’ll be able to simplify your reporting process and gain a complete overview of current and future cost management.

Application management

Simplify the way you manage applications and evaluations. With Portt, you’ll easily identify internal evaluators, and capture and provide reporting against evaluation information to improve supplier/strike rate reporting.

Detailed records

Store all key procurement documentation in one spot! All forms of documentation (and file formats) can be stored within Portt, allowing you to draft, collaborate, store and publish documents against their procurement records.

Early request alerts

Receive early notification of procurement needs through distinct procurement requests; keep track of pipelines with ease, thanks to an advanced ability to perform planning and needs analysis before requests are even approved!

Robust record keeping

Gain a complete overview of all procurement activity in your organisation, broken down by stage, type, categories and more. Your procurement records will help you manage the entire procurement lifecycle through every phase.

Simplify approvals

Approval workflows are factored into the procurement lifecycle, allowing you and your team to complete, review, and approve tasks, activities, variations and more transparently within Portt’s user-friendly platform.

Improve efficiency

Improve your operational efficiency through a systematic, monitored and consistent approach

Make smarter decisions

Track live operational analytics and management reporting, enabling faster and smarter decision making

Ensure compliance

Ensure contract compliance through complete transparency on all contract management activities

Reduce risks

Reduce exposure to risks by complying to audit and legislative requirements

Strengthen outcomes

Improve decision making with easy- to-read dashboard reports and information at your fingertips

Improve workflow

Improve workflow and template capability developed with sector expertise

Track contracts

Easily embed and track contract milestones and obligations using functional and interactive tools

Increase productivity

Drive efficiencies in your contracting process through a single authoring, approval and execution tool


We help the very best with their procurement.

Your workflows and processes, all in one place

Integrate Portt seamlessly into your existing systems! Our procurement software is a no-code platform with an intuitive setup engine that ensures it fits your existing workflows like a glove! With Portt, you’ll receive instant access, comprehensive automation and workflow capabilities, and all the support you need from our friendly and experienced Australia-based team.


Drive cost out of your organisation

With Portt, you’ll experience powerful analytics that provide a constant level of transparency across your procurement process. Regardless of your contract complexities, our advanced software allows you to automate your processes, streamline approval and management flow, and capture advanced insights that drive cost out of your organisation.

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