About Us

Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Sydney, Portt (formerly Single Cell) is an Australian-owned software development and services company. Since inception we have been recognised for solving complex enterprise problems with uncomplicated technology. Today, our focus is sharp on enterprise procurement, enabling these professionals to operate strategically and drive business outcomes through optimisation of company spend and supply chain relationships.

About UsAbout Us
About UsAbout Us

Our technology came into being on the back of our founders, who whilst working as consultants for the public sector in Australia found that there was a real gap in the market for a user-friendly supplier and contract management tool that could be easily customised to fit the exact requirements of each individual customer, rather than the customer having to shoehorn their operation into the unwieldy and complex systems they encountered during the course of their consulting work.

With that, Portt (formerly Progenitor) was launched, a service-based platform that aligns with client’s processes, nurtures organisational knowledge and maturity, and provides key strategic insights.

Its impact was almost immediate, securing one of the largest public sector contracts in Australia, a feat that is practically unheard of for a company of our size at that time, such was the impressive and transformative nature of the solution we had created.

Portt is now key partner in strategic ICT enterprise projects, procurement and contract management. We have earned a reputation as an organisation with a high level of personal engagement and approach, very exacting standards, and one that consistently meets and exceeds agreed deliverables.

We strongly believe in empowering modern employees to do their job easier, faster and more effectively. We do this by leveraging our extensive professional services experience consulting for all levels of government and the private sector in information technology, business analytics and business process.

Your Business. Your Solution.

Leadership Team

Portt is led by an executive team rich in experience across a diverse range of disciplines. We are passionate about succeeding and are extremely focused on the growth and success of not only our business, but also our customer and partner networks.

Our team possesses a breadth of experience in software development, construction, government, public and private sector consulting, systems architecture, software lifecycle project management, enterprise professional services, data analytics and entrepreneurship.

We are fully equipped to guide your organisation in the transformation of your business and enable you take full control of your supplier, grant and contract management operations.