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Portt enables enterprises to conduct spend and performance analytics on demand so you can gain valuable insight into how your business and your suppliers are tracking whenever you choose, without the significant cost and complexity of performing such an undertaking manually.

The configurable nature of Portt allows you to define all the activities required at the contract management level, the status of the performance in terms of delivering those tasks, and where they are exposed to risk of tasks not being undertaken on schedule.

Portt enables you to understand more about what you do, why you do it, where your risks are and where your opportunities are, so that your organisation can perform at its optimal level.

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Spend Analytics

Portt provides a range of out-of-the-box spend analysis reports to create powerful and accurate reporting on organisational spend, including a complete overview of your annual spend to date by department or company-wide, or a forecast of predicted spend for the rest of the financial year (or another specified timeframe), on demand. The capability to forecast expected spend by categories through the procurement lifecycle, through to contract completion, is also provided by Portt.

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Performance Analytics

The power to find out how a department, individual, supplier or project is performing by benchmarking data against pre-determined target metrics is a key feature of Portt’s analytics capability.

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Compliance Reporting

Portt simplifies the essential and time consuming task of maintaining regulatory compliance by the automation of requests for compliance reports and monitoring of compliance-related activities to ensure they have been undertaken.

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KPI/SLA Reporting

Portt generates valuable insights from regular reports from every department to ensure that all KPIs and SLAs are being met across your organisation. It also provides an overview of all key milestones that need to be achieved in order to meet KPI’s and ensure you and your suppliers are meeting the terms of your SLA’s, and provides alerts if there is a danger of targets failing to be met.

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Contextual Analysis

Portt provides the tools to to perform analysis of operational environments to assess the threats and opportunities that exist, enabling organisations to develop more targeted strategic action plans.

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Trend Reporting

Portt has the capability for enterprises to performing trend analysis on your markets, so you can identify trends that may impact how you need to operate your business and make the requisite adjustments to meet those new demands. Trend analysis can be conducted according to social, technological, demographic, or a range of other factors.

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