Portt Core: Obligation Management

Effective obligation management strengthens your revenue, supports your spend, and transparently defines the rights and obligations within your contracts. With Portt, you’ll get the right products at the right price, from the right suppliers at the right time, every time.

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Boost your obligation management with carefully curated features

Effortlessly manage your contracts. With Portt, obligations across your organisation will be visible and well-managed, utilising best practices essential to quality contract management.

Detailed contract records

Store all essential contract information (such as compliance activities, milestones, costs, and forecasting) in one spot!

Unparalleled insights

Obtain unparalleled analytics and insight-drawing capabilities that integrate seamlessly with existing technology.

Superior cost management

Manage approval workflows, contract costing, lifecycle times and project scope with ease.

Automation and templates

Speed up performance management, tasks and contract management plans with templates and automation.

User-friendly interface

Keep track of audit trails, approvals, variations and contracts conveniently online via a user-friendly interface.

Master panel management

Track and manage all forms of master contracts with advanced master agreement and panel management.

Strategic task management

Experience simple, strategic management of general tasks, milestones, obligations, and compliance activities against contracts.

Risk and issue templates

Reduce and manage risk with advanced risk and issue templates specific to each procurement and contract type.

Contract collaboration

Collaborate in real-time with internal and external stakeholders, including obtaining and sharing eSignatures and documents.

Effortlessly track milestones

Effortlessly monitor review dates, price increases, contract deliverables and more.

Improve efficiency

Improve your operational efficiency through a systematic, monitored and consistent approach to obligation management.

Compare rates with ease

Monitor costs and obtain full transparency of rates across multiple contracts.

Manage your risks & issues

Gain a deeper understanding of key risks connected to contract obligations. Capture issues and build remediation plans.

Monitor records

Maintain effective record keeping throughout the life of your contract, including seamless integration into records management systems.

Collaborate with suppliers

Collaborate directly with your suppliers for transparency on obligation management. Share critical milestones, deliverables and compliance activities with your suppliers in digital form.

Simple, smart and highly intuitive

Receive personalised alerts and reminders; you’ll never miss a deadline or task again!

Create bespoke workflows

Consistently capture and action key obligations with seamless, bespoke workflow creation.


We help the very best with their obligation & milestone management.

Experience a seamless, rapid deployment.

Portt integrates seamlessly into your existing systems! Our solution for obligation management is built with an off-the-shelf integration layer for rapid deployment and extensive automation capabilities for organisations of all sizes.


Improve costs and drive efficiency

Implementing quality obligation management significantly improves cost savings and drives efficiency for every type of organisation. Portt’s user-friendly, sophisticated obligation management software includes powerful analytics capabilities that allow you to gain a constant level of transparency across all contracts and their obligations. Automate activity, streamline approval and management flows, and capture rich data to drive cost out of your business.

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