Port Discover: Due Diligence Software

Make supplier due diligence an ongoing and seamless part of your procurement process with Portt Discover. Get dynamic risk profiles for each supplier, automated reviews and approvals, and standardised supplier data for thorough risk management. 

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Ongoing supplier risk management, without the hassle.

A master database of suppliers

With all supplier metadata stored on a single platform, you can filter suppliers according to the parameters required by each procurement event. 

Consistent risk management

Use existing supplier data on file to inform contract renewal and future procurement events across your organisation. No need to repeat time-consuming risk assessments.

Dynamic risk profiling

Monitor supplier health and capabilities on an ongoing basis, with supplier risk profiles and scores that automatically adjust based on assessment responses. 

Simple third-party collaboration

Seamlessly integrate third-party risk assessments into each supplier profile, so no piece of external information slips through the cracks.

We help the very best with their supplier due diligence.

The perfect fit for your existing workflow

Portt sits side by side with your existing systems to create a best-in-class procurement workflow. Integrate the platform with everything from eTendering to document management, with zero coding required. 


Get the business outcomes you need without delay

With Portt Discover, your procurement processes will never again be bogged down by time-consuming manual due diligence procedures. Get to know your suppliers more thoroughly and in less time, and drive efficiency across your entire organisation. 


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