Central to Portt’s software success is in flexibility and adaptability, a philosophy we keep when it comes to meeting the needs of our people – the Portt crew.


Life on the Portt

Our people are the heart and soul of everything we do. Driven by our company values, together we create innovative products, deliver exceptional customer experience and commit to supporting each other every step of the way. Here’s a peek into life at Portt.

Portt Academy

Our crew is on a mission of continuous improvement and we support curiosity through growth and development opportunities. On day one, you'll automatically enroll in our Portt Academy, with access to training allowances, coaching, workshops and resource libraries.

Bigger Than Us

We believe our responsibilities to do good stretch beyond our team and customers. Environmental sustainability and community action are front and centre, with paid charity leave, responsible supplier practices and a war on waste and plastics. We are committed to improving diversity and inclusion as a proud equal opportunity workplace.

WorkLife Harmony

We hire humans, not workers, and offer flexible working arrangement with no set start and finish times and remote working so you can live your life beyond the office walls. Enjoy wellness allowances, paid parental leave and you can even bring your friendly four-legged friend into the office if you so wish, as long as it’s friendly.

Our Team

We have an amazing team who take action, celebrate, learn and play together. Our teams work closely and cross-functionally with a focus on outcomes, while also taking time to enjoy team events, quarterly hackathons and our peer-recognition program shining a light on our everyday heroes for a job well done.

Our Values

Get Ship Done

It's simple. We’re hired and trusted to be resourceful, daring and do great things. We follow our intuition and don't shy away from failure in the pursuit of nailing it; taking action through considered decisions and calculated risks.

No Fine Print

Candour is our style; fair and frank. We give recognition openly, share feedback constructively and listen with humility. We do what we say, say what we mean, own our mistakes and never make promises we can't keep.

Better Every Day

We embrace growth as a collective responsibility. Constantly curious about how we can improve, we invest in evolving our products, our customer service, our teammates and ourselves.


Current Opportunities

Position Team

Didn’t find what you were looking for?

We are on an incredible journey and are always interested in meeting people who share our enthusiasm and passion for success.

We believe that innovation is born through diverse experience and perspectives. If you want to be part of a Crew where your work makes a real difference, we’d love to hear from you!


Meet some of the team

Ainsley, Office Administrator

Team Operations

Tim, Head of Analytics

Team Analytics

For almost 20 years, I've been building data-centric products for clients across a range of industries. I joined the team in 2016 with the goal to enable our customers using insights from the data they capture in Portt.
At Portt, I product manage and architect our analytics, bot, and A.I. products, delivering innovative solutions that propel the procurement industry into the future.
Out of the office you'll usually find me hanging with my kids, building over-engineered vertical farms in my back yard, and reading a bunch of books.

Adam, Product Lead

Team Product

Having been with Portt for most of the adventure, I’ve been able to make a real impact in evolving the product, the company and our clients. I started with Portt as an Implementation Consultant, listening to customers and solving pain points across a huge variety of organisations.

Now as Product Lead, I’m responsible for directing and shaping that growth by creating intuitive, efficient and insightful user experiences. I take pride in building relationships with our users and my goal is to create a community of Portt users who will be key to influencing the future of this product.

When I’m not doing my thing as Product Lead, I enjoy lifting heavy things, practising kung fu and eating or cooking something new.

Tess, Director of Unconditional Support

Portt People are notorious for being hard working and focused, it's my job to ensure they stay happy and balanced while they kick goals for our customers. Whether its greeting people at the door, leading the charge on walking meetings or ensuring everyone's tennis ball gets returned quickly, I always take great pride in my job and the happiness it brings.

Although most of my time is spent focusing on Portt people, I wouldn’t be a proud Portt pup if I didn’t have equal passion for our customers, partners and one-off guests. It’s not uncommon for regular guests to email ahead to make sure I am available for the extra important meetings.

When I’m not doing my thing at Portt HQ, I can be found at the beach or working from home, doing the exact same supportive things!

Yusuf, Solution Specialist

Team Growth

Joining the company especially after the rebrand to Portt, as the first growth team recruit was an exciting time. All the projects & timelines being in hyperdrive really got me a quick & crystal clear understanding on how Portt can genuinely better people’s lives. This also afforded me the opportunity to become well rounded by working in different areas of the function as well as foster relationships at grass root level across the company.

As helping others & a love for tech are two of my defining characteristics, I bring this passion along with my light-hearted approach to interactions with prospects, customers & partners and develop relationships that are more than face value.

Netflix ‘N’ Eating, taking a stroll around the area or adding on to my ever-increasing collection of Smart Home tech are some of the ways I keep my mojo up.

Sunish, Functional Consultant

Team Customer Success

I joined Portt as a Functional Consultant early in 2019 working within the Customer Success team. Apart from implementing and training big to small customers, I am actively involved in process improvement and overall streamlining of services.

Having a sound technical background, I understand the importance of communicating technical features in plain English so our customers understand and use our product better. I believe in teamwork and communication, and love getting everyone involved in anything fun and productive. 

When my work mode is off, I like to play video games, soccer, and watch anime. I consider myself to be tech-savvy and anything new in tech catches my interest.

April, Head of Operations

Team Operations

April joined Portt as Finance Lead in 2019, bringing 10+ years of accounting and people management experience.

Now our Head of Operations, April leads the team looking after Finance, People & Culture and Internal IT operations across Portt's three offices. She's all about process and efficiency, and deeply committed to fostering and building Portt's awesome company culture!

When not working at Portt, she can be found going on adventures with her kids, gardening, exercising, learning new things and reading all of the books.

Oliver, Head of Customer Success

Team Customer Success

Portts' Head of Customer Success "Oli" works closely with clients to ensure Portt customer satisfaction continues well past the initial point of implementation. Oli manages the team of Portt legends that are responsible for on-boarding, professional services and system support.

Personally, He's a lover of all things Danish, vintage cars and convinced his dog Tessa is the greatest Portt Pup... The jury is still out on that one.