Enhance your contract management with Contract Essentials

Take the first step to smarter contract management. Portt Contract Essentials makes contract management effortless with a suite of automated contract management features. With an extremely user-friendly interface, your teams will easily adopt our platform in minimal time, enabling seamless and swift cross-collaboration.

Whether you’re upgrading your outmoded software or moving away from clunky manual spreadsheets, you’re guaranteed to see higher contract management ROI and achieve enhanced alignment across your teams with our smart, collaborative and user-friendly contract management platform.

Contract Management Essentials - Dashboard

Contract lifecycle management that simply works


Store, view and manage all your contracts in one centralised location.


Set parameters for best practice and ensure consistent quality across all contracts.


Free up more time with automatic reports and reminders.


Scale your contract management service as your business grows.


Easy implementation is just the beginning

Forget filling out cumbersome spreadsheets and wasting time on manual record-keeping. With a suite of user-friendly features ready to use straight out of the box, digitising your contract management has never been easier.

Contract Essentials is designed for use by your whole team with minimal training required. 

Automate and streamline contract procedures

Discover new ways to track, measure and improve your contracts process

Gain visibility over your contractual information

Measure performance satisfaction for each contract

View insights and highlights at a glance

Never miss a renewal - and so much more!

Contract Essentials is the quickest way to digitise and move away from outdated manual contract management to an intelligent, user-friendly system. Instantly alleviate bottlenecks and get your entire team on board with Contract Essentials’ simple, centralised, user-friendly contract management software.


Contract Essentials: What’s in the box?

Modern User Interface

With its simple, intuitive interface, Contract Essentials is configured for ultimate ease of use, allowing users of all experience levels to load, update and understand their contracts.

Quick-Start Contracts

Users can create contracts with just 4 data points and update the record as more information becomes available.

Contract Integrity Controls

Define what a good quality contract looks like for your business and configure recommended data points to ensure consistent records across your organisation.

Checklists and activities

Define required and recommended items for each contract with custom checklists and activities including policy requirements and best practice suggestions.

Variation register

Contract Essentials’ variation register allows users to quickly and easily enter the details of a variation, seek offline approval, and apply the variation to the record.

Automated tracking and reporting

Take advantage of easy hands-off tracking and reporting. Spend less time analysing and more time implementing improvements through valuable insights.

Contract variation tracking

Track details and approvals around contract variations, view contract lifecycle and feel certain you’re viewing the most recent, or most relevant, contract variant every time.


Identify critical contracts and be able to recognise those contracts that are effectively contributing to your goals and objectives. 

Easy setup. Simple operation. Brilliant results


Easy Implementation

Many companies know they need to invest in modern contract management software, but feel like it might be more trouble than it’s worth between getting it set up and teaching staff to use it.

Fortunately, Contract Essentials was developed for this exact reason – to ensure simple, easy implementation and ultimate ease of use.

Quick User Adoption

Contract Essentials is designed to be ultra-easy to learn and use, with ready to run solutions straight out of the box. Contract management software is only as valuable as the amount of use it gets, so it needs to be fast, easy and simple to learn – and that’s exactly what Contract Essentials is.

An Affordable Solution That Grows With You​

Contract Essentials is the ultimate entry-level contract management system, ideal for familiarising your team with contract management and beginning your journey towards streamlined contracting processes. With affordable plans and fully scalable services, your Portt contract management capabilities can grow with you as your budget, scope and maturity increase.

Central Contract Repository

Store all your contracts in one easy location. No more chasing after spreadsheets and losing track of valuable documents, no more cumbersome filing and time-consuming manual management. This centralised solution provides a highly visible one-stop solution where contracts can be stored, organised, viewed and updated with ease.

Get Started With Minimal Training

Engage your team and ensure uptake across the board, all with minimum training and change management. The extremely intuitive user interface and streamlined functionality of Contract Essentials allow users to access all its features with minimal training, meaning your company can start managing contracts smarter and faster in no time flat.

Fast, Simple Contract Setup

We’ve removed common barriers to contract administration, with only a minimal set of mandatory initial data needed to get a contract up and running. This means your contracts can get set up with minimal fuss and can be updated as the contract progresses and more information flows in.

Actionable Insights

Derive real, actionable insights to your company’s contract landscape and receive actionable insights around a range of factors including contracts, spend, supplier performance and sentiment as well as timelines and contract history. Both executives and end-users can gain invaluable insights into both individual contractor management and overall contract process performance.

Tailored Experience

Represent your business structure in as much detail as you want using the team hierarchy so that users can ensure that the right people see the right items. Contract Essentials is designed to be used right out of the box with easily customisable options to ensure a custom experience tailored to your unique business needs.

Visibility on contract performance

Start gaining insights into your contract landscape the instant you start populating data. Our reports are tied to core contract administration functions, meaning they’re ready to roll as soon as you begin using Contract Essentials.

Which contract management service is right for me?​

At Portt, we offer a suite of world-leading procurement softwarerisk and performance management software and analytics solutions including a range of smart contract and supplier management software options.

As your business grows your contract management needs will become more complex and you may need to expand your management capabilities. 

Compare our contract management solutions below or get in touch with us to talk about your unique contract management needs.

Feature Portt Core Portt Contract Essentials

Contracts Register

Contract Approvals

Contract Activities

Insurances & Certifications

Securities & Guarantees

Variation Management

Variation Register

Payments Management

Alerts & Reminders

Public Information Reporting

Milestone Management

Risk & Issue Management

Performance Management

Clause Management

Schedule of Rates

Stakeholder Management

Document Library

Record Level User Access Control

Document Generation Engine

Delegation Management

Workflow Management

Payment Claims Portal

Data quality - healthchecks

Contract Classification & Tagging

Contract Extension Management

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