Port Discover: Supplier Onboarding Software

Successful supplier onboarding is crucial to positive supplier relationships. Portt Discover offers efficient processes for successful and effective supplier onboarding, minimising long-term cost and capturing all the essential data you’ll need for productive supplier management.

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Supercharge your supplier onboarding with superior features

Portt helps you successfully onboard your suppliers through a simple, quick and effective process. With Portt, you’ll obtain a desirable supplier onboarding template that empowers you to manage your supplier processes and action insights, regulate and assess large quantities of data, and evaluate risks throughout the supplier lifecycle.

Customise your experience

Experience the freedom and flexibility to customise and diversify your supplier onboarding process.

Gain unparalleled insights

Uncover meaningful data insights through the powerful Portt Analytics engine, and use these to make smarter decisions.

Easy reviews & approvals

Effortlessly review and approve each element crucial to the supplier onboarding process.

Achieve rapid setup

The plug-and-play solution you’ve been looking for. Add your supplier’s name, and we’ll do the rest.

Capture key information

Capture valuable documentation, data and insights required for excellent supplier management.

Seamless integration

Effortlessly integrate existing business data into a single, consolidated, user-friendly profile view.

Live track performance

Track supplier performance with clarity and insight. Immediately understand performance in real-time, gain feedback, and assess risks.

Easily add suppliers

Onboarding new suppliers is simple, quick, and effortless. Portt’s onboarding template is built in front of your eyes, in real-time!

Thoroughly evaluate risks

Thoroughly assess, evaluate, and manage potential and known risks of suppliers with unparalleled ease.

Improve efficiency

Improve your onboarding efficiency through a systematic, monitored and consistent approach across your organisation

Build stronger relationships

Maintain strong supplier relationships by reducing miscommunication and enhancing collaboration.

Monitor Records

Maintain effective record keeping throughout the life of your contracts, including seamless integration into records management systems.

Monitor Records

Maintain effective record keeping throughout the life of your contract, including seamless integration into records management systems.

Enhanced integration

Integrate data and business functions with convenience throughout the entire supplier lifecycle.

Increase profitability

Minimise costs and administrative tasks with a convenient and efficient onboarding process.


We help the very best with their supplier onboarding.

Experience a seamless, rapid deployment.

Portt integrates seamlessly into your existing systems by adding a strategic layer to your supplier onboarding capabilities. Our supplier onboarding and performance management software is built to include an off-the-shelf integration layer that perfectly accommodates a wide variety of supplier onboarding management strategies, such as ERP, S2C, P2P, manual uploads, and more.


Streamline your supplier onboarding process

Portt’s user-friendly, sophisticated contract management software provides a single entry point for the necessary components of an easy-to-adapt supplier onboarding process. Capture critical data, assess risks and streamline finance and supply chains to drive cost out of your business.

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