Portt Core: Strategic Sourcing Software

Enjoy a world-class, industry-specific strategic sourcing platform that gives your team the confidence to approach sourcing, contract and supplier relationship management strategically and efficiently.


Streamline your sourcing process

The Portt strategic sourcing framework enables you to streamline your sourcing process; get what you need without the complexity!


Aligns to every scenario and every step of your sourcing process


Guides your users down the correct path for the sourcing event and value, and captures approvals based on financial delegations


Ensures that you are using consistent documentation at all stages of your sourcing process


Automates the capture of internal and external information


An uncluttered, modern, easy to use interface that makes it simple for users to engage in any part of the sourcing process

Boost your business with world-class features and benefits

Help your organisation thrive with premium features and benefits tailored to your needs. With a no-code integration strategy, you’ll be able to build the strategic sourcing platform you need – minus the hassle!

Flexibly manage every stage of sourcing​

Procurement teams of all sizes will enjoy the flexibility they need in managing every stage of a sourcing event - from the initial request all the way through to the complex, multi-stage approval process.

Funnel proposed sourcing events

With Portt’s help, you’ll be able to funnel every proposed sourcing event through a request process to ensure that only approved sourcing events become ‘go to market’ activities. The software enables your team to capture procurement opportunities from different areas of the business.

Automatically create workflows

Configure your workflows for every type of sourcing activity. Automatically create workflows specific to the kind of sourcing event you’re running, including all activities, milestones, risks, assessments and date triggers.

Automatically capture and report on benefits

Portt allows you to automate your benefits capturing method and report on the initiatives and outcomes that helped you achieve your desired benefits. Never miss an opportunity again with all the knowledge and reporting you require to accomplish strategic sourcing.


We help the very best with their strategic sourcing.

Build insightful visualisation of all your sourcing events

Portt Analytics gives you the ability to use rich data in Portt to build visualisations of all of your sourcing events, to help you and your team understand critical elements of your strategic sourcing projects. With Portt, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand current and upcoming workloads by category and team member

  • Understand process bottlenecks for overdue activities and tasks, and see where this creates risks for stalled projects that have the potential to miss deadlines

  • Understand your current and future spend

  • Understand every possible risk and issue, and manage them effectively


Designed for all teams of all sizes

Procurement Teams

Procurement teams who need to run sourcing activities that range from simple to highly complex from a single unified platform. From the simplest of single quote sourcing activities to the most challenging capital works projects, Portt’s configurable workflows ensure that all sourcing events can be handled easily.

Contract Managers

Contract Managers who need to manage contracts with complex deliverables, obligations and milestones. Portt delivers contract managers clear outcomes through configurable workflows that drive benefits to every contract.

Vendor Managers

Vendor managers who manage supplier relationships and performance with multiple internal and external stakeholders. Portt enables full supplier performance management capabilities across numerous internal and external stakeholders.

Supply Chain Teams

Supply chain professionals who need to manage multiple upstream vendors to build a product. Portt provides complete visibility to your supply chain and full dashboard capabilities to manage your supplier’s performance.

Project Managers

Project managers who need to manage contractual obligations, KPIs / SLAs, payment claims and defect liabilities.

Legal Teams

Legal teams who need access to a single database with all agreements, including confidential documents. Portt enables variable access to the contract database, ensuring that users only see the contracts they’re supposed to see.

Portt Core has you covered

Read more about what Portt Core can do for you! From successful contract lifecycle management to extensive strategic sourcing and obligation management, Portt has you covered. 

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