Explore Portt’s purpose-built Council procurement stack

The single software solution that combines the best elements of procurement, contract and supplier management technology, curated entirely for local councils. 


Intuitive Procurement

Ditch the spreadsheets and manual process with digital procurement project management

Bring all offline processes online, track live operational analytics and reduce cost of managing procurements by 60%. We have local government procurement teams of all sizes improving their functions with our comprehensive software - from regional councils like the Shire of Coolgardie, to major councils like the City of Newcastle and Central Coast Council.

Curated for Local Councils

Revolutionise your council procurement and contract management.

In local government procurement teams, we know that time and resources are scarce. We also know you experience high-levels of compliance and public scrutiny. 

The Portt council procurement stack is designed to give your council a single point of access to proactively and effectively utilise and manage the life cycle of council contracts, for a fraction of the cost of manual resources. 

Contract & Supplier Management

Ensure compliance and transparency on all contract management activities.

Award-winning and the fastest-growing contract management system in ANZ. 

Establish and manage your simple to complex contracts and suppliers. Digital contract management plans. Create and manage your panels. Track performance. Collaborate online and conduct deep analysis over your engagements.

Every year, billions of dollars are transacted through local government procurement activities across Australia and New Zealand.

Council procurement teams are established to support council buying activities and ensure they are executed in a compliant, commercially-savvy and well-governed fashion, ultimately to deliver positive outcomes to the communities they serve.

The Portt local government software stack embeds best practice local government procurement processes into an intuitive and easy-to-use system solution. We’re the fastest growing provider of strategic procurement solutions to the local government sector, and with our rapid implementation framework, we can help your organisation start to realise major benefits in as little as one month.


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Portt is trusted and endorsed by peak bodies

We provide sector-wide capability development and uniformity, and are committed to enhancing local government procurement functions based on our deep understanding and ongoing relationship with the sector leaders.

We’re aligned with local government procurement peak bodies across Australia and are endorsed by prevalent policymakers and enforcers.

We’re also the technology partner of choice for organisations like the Local Government Procurement (NSW), the Municipal Association of Victoria, and the Western Australian Local Government Association.

Making life easier for local government procurement teams

In local government procurement teams, we know that time and resources are scarce. We also know you experience high-levels of compliance and public scrutiny.

The Portt council procurement stack is designed to give your council a single point of access to proactively and effectively utilise and manage the life cycle of council procurement and contracts. 

Our user-friendly solution guides and channels council users to important procurement information and governance documents, and then makes it easy for them to take action with these insights through the contract management system. 

Our contract authoring, financial delegation framework and eSignature solutions are key elements in ensuring that local government procurement teams can continue to drive effective value.


Flexible software with seamless integration

The Portt for council stack integrates seamlessly into your existing systems with zero down-time.

Connect with your Council finance systems from day one for live spend visibility. Push and pull documents from your TRIM records management platform. Integrate into eProcure and VendorPanel.

Our system also scales down for small regional councils with low procurement capability. 

If you have a specific integration for your team, let us know and we’ll scope it up for you. 

How Portt can revolutionise your council procurement?

Improve efficiency

Remove 60% of the cost associated with manual offline management of procurement and contract activity

Make smarter decisions

Track live operational analytics and management reporting, enabling faster and smarter decision making

Ensure compliance

Ensure contract compliance through complete transparency on all tasks and activities

Reduce risks

Leverage our library of common risks and issues associated with Council procurement activity

Strengthen outcomes

Plan, track and manage benefits and project outcomes. Build performance scorecards and track SLAs & KPIs

Improve workflow

Key information inputs guide users down the right path of action and approval

Never miss a deadline

Easily embed and track contract milestones and obligations using functional and interactive tools

Increase productivity

Drive efficiencies in your contracting process through a single authoring, approval and execution tool

Manage by exception

Portt’s uniqueness lies in the rich insights and reporting. Manage all activities and compliance by exception

Portt's local government procurement case studies

Central Coast Council
NSW Health

The third largest Council in the NSW State, CCC chose to deploy the Portt solution to drive standardisation, efficiency and automation across a complex and growing procurement spend portfolio. CCC now benefits from reduced contracting cycle times and an unparalleled ability to conduct analysis into contract, procurement and supplier activity.


Complete Visibility of Procurement, Contract and Supplier activity across the 3rd largest procurer in Australia: NSW Health. Over 4000 Contracts and Procurement activities are centralised in Port with NSW Health benefiting from unparalleled visibility into commitments, performance and contract spend across its 21 semi-autonomous pillars and local health districts. Procurement and Contract Management policy is centrally controlled, updated and reported on. As it grows in maturity, NSW Health continues to further leverage the features of Portt to provide additional operational benefits to the organisation. Assessments, SLAs and KPIs on contracts, process improvement and full compliance to policy are all features of Portt’s service delivery to NSW Health.


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