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    Minimise your supply chain risk

    Maximise your supplier relationships and minimise supply chain risk with Portt Discover. Mitigate third-party risk, seamlessly collaborate with suppliers, keep data safe, and consistently monitor supply chain health using powerful insights to optimise your supplier partnerships.

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    Achieve transparency and support growth with supply chain risk management

    Portt helps you manage supply chain risk through a routine, transparent process. Assess risk, conduct enhanced due diligence, and easily monitor changes in risk levels with Portt Discover.

    Identify potential risk

    Quickly and easily understand your suppliers’ ownership structure, financial situation, and points of potential weakness.

    Collaborate with suppliers

    Collaborate with your suppliers to seamlessly obtain essential data in real-time, removing the need to exchange information via non-secure email.

    Complete transparency

    Pass supply chain reporting and information gathering to suppliers, and have suppliers map their supply chains and tiers and conduct assessments.

    Master data solution

    Obtain a higher degree of reliability and consistency in captured data with Portt Discover: a central system that captures and shares information in real-time.

    Discover risk scores

    Identify and evaluate all suppliers’ risk score within an industry and make well-informed decisions that proactively minimise risk.

    Consistent management

    Drive consistency in how suppliers are managed and improve the accuracy of captured data to create actionable insights and recommendations.

    We help Australia’s best with their supply chain risk

    Your workflows and processes, all in one place

    Portt integrates seamlessly into your existing systems with ZERO downtime. Our supply chain risk management software is 100% no-code; an intuitive setup engine ensures it fits your existing workflows like a glove! With Portt, you’ll receive instant access, comprehensive automation and workflow capabilities, and all the support you need from our friendly and experienced Australia-based team.


    Drive cost your of your organisation

    Implementing quality procurement management technology significantly improves cost savings and drives efficiency for any type of organisation. Portt’s user-friendly, sophisticated procurement, supplier and contract management software includes powerful analytics capabilities that allow you to gain a constant level of transparency across all contracts and potential supply chain risk. Overcome third-party risk, effortlessly collaborate with suppliers, and keep data safe and consistent to drive cost out of your business.


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