Webinar recorded live on 23rd November, 2023 AEST.



Jonathan Dutton

Chief Executive Officer,  PASA

Ngaia Calder

Business Director, 
Group 2

Silverio Governo

Head of Sales ANZ & Country Manager NZ, Portt, an Advanced company

Watch our webinar to gain invaluable insights into the latest research to come out of the ANZ region that reveals the 5 Key Barriers to being the strategic powerhouses you want and need to be. Over 300 procurement professionals were involved in this extensive research. At its core, this research underscores the imperative for procurement to make a shift from a servicing capability to a strategic one.

Shockingly, 65% of procurement professionals believe they are operating with a servicing capability. It’s time to change that narrative and join the ranks of the 35% who have already embraced strategic procurement.

During this webinar you’ll hear from the two companies that spear-headed the project, facilitated by Jonathan Dutton, CEO, PASA.

The webinar will:

  • Unpack the 5 Barriers: Deep dive into the five key barriers that hinder procurement functions from reaching their full potential.
  • Technology as an Advantage Lever: Explore how technology can be more than just an efficiency driver.

Read what 300+ procurement professionals had to say in the 2023/2024 ANZ Procurement Report.

Download ‘Future-Focused Procurement: Forging Ahead in ANZ’ to see why 65% of procurement professionals in ANZ are operating at a servicing capability, versus 35% operating at a strategic capability.

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