White Paper: How to Mitigate Supplier Risk in 2023

In this white paper we explore the on-going impacts of COVID-19 and the events in Ukraine and provide you with risk mitigating tips to help you navigate the turbulent waters ahead.


About Portt

Portt is the fastest-growing provider of SaaS procurement, contract and supplier management products across Australia and New Zealand.

Founded in 2010, the company boasts a strong track record of annual growth and a reputation for doing business with some of the most complex public and private sector customers in the region.

Portt operates a joint headquarters model spanning North Sydney and Newcastle in Australia, with a growing office and team of experts in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Like all successful organisations, Portt fosters a rich employee culture experience, underpinned by three guiding values, No Fine Print, Better Everyday & Get Ship Done.