Our intuitive, innovative and fully customisable source-to-contract software, now known as Portt, first came into existence under the name Progenitor.

The genesis of the idea for Progenitor came when our founders, who both worked as consultants in the public sector, found that no product on the market had the flexibility to accommodate the processes of an organisation regardless of how they operated. Most of the available tools required the customer to adapt how they managed their business to suit the technology, instead of the other way around. Progenitor was built to bridge the gap between ‘build or buy’ software options.

While the name of the solution may have changed, what hasn’t changed is our commitment to providing highly configurable technology that helps drive and manage complex enterprise processes.

Portt’s accessible user interface requires minimal technical skill to fully implement and tailor to your organisation’s specific needs, providing powerful capabilities for the management of procurement, grant and contract lifecycles at an extremely affordable price.

Our unique approach in adapting to your organisation’s requirements is a ground breaking evolution in how procurement, grant and contract management is addressed–you don’t have to alter your structure or processes to fit the solution; the solution adapts to meet your specific needs.