Empowering Procurement

Portt empowers the modern Procurement team through heightened effectiveness and transparency of processes, while reducing administrative time and effort.

Aligned to your vertical and tailored to your needs, Portt enables a compliant, structured and auditable process from procurement request to contract award and deep management of the contract life-cycle through to eventual close out or renewal.


Procurement Planning

Uncomplicate the process for your business to submit procurement requests. Guiding users down the necessary path, Portt allows for the early notification of procurement needs. Conduct planning and needs analysis before a request is approved and enable future procurement pipelines.

Strategic Sourcing

Portt leads you through a procurement from planning through to the eventual awarding of the contract. You can rest assured that with Portt’s strategic sourcing module, your procurement team and the business are doing the right thing at the right time in the right format, while capturing detailed analysis of how both your business and your respondents are performing.

Contract Management

Keep a tight control on business critical elements such as approval workflows around estimated contract costing and contract compliance activities. Effortlessly view the status of all your contracts. Manage your contracts using built-in milestones and automated reminders for supplier reports to be requested at set intervals, ensuring that obligations are being met by your contractors throughout the contract lifecycle.

Supplier Relationship Management

Portt provides a complete view of your supplier interactions and information on whether your suppliers are meeting their obligations under the terms of your Service Level Agreement, including performance targets, compliance and status reporting, giving you the power to identify any issues or failings and address them before they become detrimental to your business.

Risk Management

Understanding risks and issues across your enterprise is critical to your ongoing success and to mitigating the likelihood of exposure. Portt provides risk management throughout the procurement and contract lifecycle, so you can understand your full exposure to potential risks or issues across all contracts. Gain valuable insight into the level of risk associated in entering an agreement with a particular contractor. Portt also provides business administrators with the ability to ensure that corporate governance and policies are enforced for high risk or high value contract types or sourcing exercises.

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