Now more than ever, businesses and the broader community look to the public sector for stimulus, financial opportunity and a sense of economic security. 

Gone are the days when contracts were awarded simply to the cheapest bidder, with businesses now looking to make strategic procurement decisions that better their business outcomes (and community outcomes) in both the short and long-term. 

As highlighted in the recent OAG Report of May 2020 and in this post-COVID environment, the public dollar that fuels local government spending has the opportunity to connect communities and stimulate local economies.

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The spotlight is on procurement now

The future is now much less certain than it used to be, and councils need to be vigilant and proactive when managing the spending of their ratepayers’ money. The OAG has been consistent in seeking to give guidance throughout 2020 to ensure best practice is adhered to in the procurement space to mirror the public’s high expectations when it comes to supplier delivery. 

In the March report, the OAG called out the importance of agility and speed when it comes to deploying work, requiring a fast and robust circular due diligence process. This ensures that councils have a constant understanding of the risks associated with bringing on suppliers quickly. 

The OAG also placed a strong emphasis on the council ‘Four Wellbeings’ and the subsequent measurement of the success of these concepts. Never before has there been such a need to understand council supply chains deeply, and the OAG’s report detailed how important it is to buy local when possible, as well as focusing on initiatives of environmental sustainability.

What does the Officer of the Auditor General expect your council to do?

  • UNDERSTAND the expectations central government, ratepayers and communities have for the services councils provide
  • UNDERSTAND asset condition and performance, as well as future asset needs
  • BE INFORMED about risks and opportunities to service delivery
  • DISCUSS with communities the risks, opportunities and trade-offs
  • DECIDE using evidence-based methodologies and in-depth understanding

Webinar: Broadening positive local impact through dynamic spend management in the public sector

Bringing together the most up-to-date thinking from a group of procurement experts in consulting, peak body and technology, watch our one hour webinar discussing how local government spending can extend impact reach. 

Listen in as Mark Reddy (Head of Growth at Portt), Fiona Nissen (Executive Regional Manager – NZ ArcBlue Consulting) and Dr. Steven Finlay (General Manager Investment, Infrastructure and Governance Group – EquiP NZ) give an overview of the ways to overcome challenges when it comes to meeting public demand.

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Article written by: Mark Reddy, Head of Growth @ Portt