In response to a series of recent state-based Auditor General reports, this webinar explores how effective council contract management can help to satisfy the community, as well as delivering cost-effectiveness for ratepayers in the post-COVID environment.

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Why is effective contract management in council important?

In Council, contracts vary in complexity, value, duration and risk, but all benefit from a strong approach to contract management. At the core, it is essential that Council is able to demonstrate that contracting is effective, meets the standards expected by the community and the Parliament, and provides good value for money for the ratepayer.

The WA Auditor General’s Report (issued on 4 May 2020) highlighted a set of state-wide recommendations for WA Councils to implement to ensure compliance and better practice. These insights and recommendations are invaluable and 100% actionable for councils in all of Australia’s states and territories. 

What was the focus of the WA Auditor General’s Report for Local Government?

  • Eight local government entities were audited
  • Strong approach to contract management and processes
  • Providing good value for money for the ratepayer
  • Comprehensive policies and good management of contract variations and extensions
  • Contracts register to help effectively management contracts


Webinar: Delivering Value for Money Through Effective Contract Management

Watch the webinar where Luke Kenny (Local Government Procurement), Mark Reddy (Portt) and Chris Newman (ArcBlue) run through the recommendations from the Auditor General, and talk about lessons learned from other states. An actionable framework and approach to the recommendations set out in the Auditor General’s Report is also provided.

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