After experiencing time-consuming manual processes first-hand, most council procurement teams don’t need to be convinced of the need for an efficient contract management solution.

Convincing other decision-makers in your council, however, isn’t easy. Most won’t realise the value of such a significant investment unless you explain it to them carefully and in terms specific to their business function.

That’s exactly what we discussed in our webinar: Contract Management Excellence in Council – Creating a Case for Change.

Hosted by Portt and Australia’s leading procurement consultants, ArcBlue, this interactive workshop stepped attendees through the 5 steps necessary to create a compelling case for contract management transformation.

And good news for those who missed out the first time: we’re hosting it again soon!

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Here’s what we covered last time:

1. How to develop a strategic narrative

A contract management transformation isn’t possible without initial stakeholder buy-in. The first step is therefore to create a strategic narrative that clearly explains the value a contract management system will bring across multiple council functions in your council.

At the webinar, attendees learned how to shape the narrative around the priorities of each decision maker in their council. With the same knowledge, you’ll be able to present a contract management system as a powerful and necessary investment, regardless of whether you’re talking to your council’s CFO, lead engineer, or audit manager.  

2. How to choose a solution that fits

Once you’ve engaged high level decision-makers, it’s time to think pragmatically about what solution will work best for your council. There’s no point investing in a complex piece of software overflowing with features if the staff or IT resources necessary to support it aren’t available.

In our webinar, we discussed how to assess your council’s business requirements and choose a solution that fits. Join us to discover how you can confidently invest in a contract management system that’s fit for purpose and well-received by every stakeholder.

3. How to present costs and benefits

A preliminary cost-benefit analysis is imperative for any local government investment, but forecasting every expense associated with a contract management system has its challenges. In addition to the out of the box cost, there’s also implementation and ongoing support costs to take into account too. 

Similarly, quantifying the benefits isn’t always straightforward. Besides financial value gains, you may wish to measure outcomes such as innovation, sustainability, or social impact. The more value you can demonstrate, the better the chance of getting your chosen solution over the line. 

In our last webinar, we covered strategies for clearly demonstrating the ROI of a contract management solution to council decision makers. Join us in the next one to learn how you can deliver a compelling value proposition to your own council. 

4. How to create an implementation roadmap

Councils who rush to implement contract management solutions out of the box are rarely as successful as those who carefully plan the process. That’s why an implementation roadmap is a vital part of your business case. It’s also an opportunity to make stakeholders feel more comfortable with the change. 

Our webinar stepped participants through the process of creating a high-level roadmap covering each stage of the implementation cycle: building, testing, and go-live. Now you can equip yourself with the same knowledge, so your rollout is as smooth as possible. 

5. How to plan for change management

Change management is critical in councils that have long adhered to manual processes, so we discussed how to plan for potential roadblocks and difficulties in advance. Now you can get the same expert advice on minimising workflow disruption and maintaining stakeholder confidence.

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  • Consulting with stakeholders who will be affected by the change 
  • Minimising supplier disruption
  • Assigning designated change management roles.

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