Portt, Australia’s fastest-growing Source-to-Contract (S2C) platform, has teamed with leading fleet management consultants Uniqco to give fleet operators a new and industry-leading one-stop-solution for best-practice lifecycle fleet management.

The two companies have joined forces to make it easier for the fleet management industry to secure all possible value from their mobile assets – from procurement, during daily use, and all the way to disposal and replacement.

This new online solution has come about by combining Portt’s popular S2C platform with Unqico’s industry-leading Fleet Data Analytics tool. Their new offering is unique because it’s able to show fleet managers the critical details that will let them extract all available value from their vehicles and machines for their entire lifecycle.

It means that achieving asset value in fleet management is no longer confined to just “getting a price discount” when the assets are procured – which has long been the traditional method of gaining value from fleets.

Here’s the Portt-Uniqco method:

“Managing any mobile asset is simply a matter of creating a contract for each asset and making sure it meets the requirements,” said Portt’s Co-CEO and Founder, Chris Holmes.

“So combining Portt’s contract management solution with Uniqco’s extensive fleet management experience makes perfect sense. By doing this it’s now possible to ensure mobile assets perform as expected and don’t generate extra costs. And it’s now easier for fleet managers to remain compliant, reduce their risks, and get previously unknown insights into their fleet operations.”

The Uniqco solution, enabled by Portt is a fleet management solution that accommodates every fleet type – from cars and commercial vehicles, to mining trucks and equipment such as chainsaws. It also caters to all ownership models, whether the items are leased, rented, shared, owned, or a wet hire or dry hire. It also accommodates grey fleets.

Grant Andrews, Uniqco’s Managing Director: “Combining Portt’s leading S2C platform with Uniqco’s 40 years of fleet management experience unlocks a vault for fleet managers.”

“Our partnership with Portt is all about using best-practice contract management to make best-practice fleet management possible.

“Fleet assets are expensive. And they need to earn their keep in any organisation. Until now, extracting their full value for an entire lifecycle has been difficult. And thanks to this partnership, it’s now possible.”