Local governments are the backbones of Australian communities, and there’s now more pressure than ever before to ensure ratepayers are getting value for their money.

That’s why we’re thrilled to be partnering with Civica, a global leader in software for public and community services, to streamline procurement processes for councils Australia-wide. Users of Civica’s cloud contract management platform, Authority Altitude, can now seamlessly tap into the benefits of Portt, including:

  • Transparent overviews of all
  • procurement and contract activity
  • Performance management
  • Organisational budget tracking
  • Streamlined administrative processes.

With Portt integrated into their existing system, Authority Altitude customers can now deliver projects with a compliant, structured, and auditable process across the entire procurement lifecycle, from planning through to close or renewal. This in turn supports an ambitious vision to move councils into the digital future, with innovative cloud and analytics solutions that promise to boost ratepayers’ ROI. 

“It’s essential that councils can demonstrate effective contract management that meets community standards,” says Brett Barningham, Civica’s Managing Director for State and Local Government Solutions. “With council spending increasingly under scrutiny, we’re pleased to be working with Portt as it offers our customers a best practice solution that will reduce overall purchasing costs and provide greater transparency to the procurement process”.

Chris Holmes, Portt’s Co-CEO and founder, sees it as a huge step forward for local councils across the ANZ region.

“Our research strongly indicates that the Australian and New Zealand local government sector has been underserviced in the delivery of quality, value-for-money strategic procurement solutions,” he says.

“Council procurement leaders play an important role as custodians of the public dollar, and strategic procurement in contract management enables value creation, stronger supplier relationships, and supply chain resilience – which is particularly important in the current economic climate. The combination of Authority and Portt is a genuine force multiplier for councils looking to drive efficiency.”

Read the industry press release here