MAV Procurement (a not-for-profit team devoted to achieving better procurement outcomes for local government in Victoria) has joined forces with Portt to help organisations reduce costs, simplify processes, improve services, and deliver better results for communities and councils.



Selecting a Procurement Partner

When seeking out a potential procurement partner, MAV desired a number of key features and benefits that aligned with their procurement aspirations and values, such as:

  • The ability to meaningfully measure where and how there has been a reduction in costs
  • Improvement in processes that results in time savings, better visibility of outcomes and reduction in manual, time-consuming tasks
  • Increased revenue and enhanced growth
  • Innovation within the industry

MAV and Portt aligned across a range of key qualities, forming a valuable partnership that aims to lobby, advocate and provide training and governance across the procurement sector.

Quote: “Our own tender process found that Portt occupies a valuable space between more basic systems that are not as intuitive or comprehensive, and quite expensive, high-end solutions that may also not work for medium-sized organisations.”

What does MAV like about Portt so far?

  • Portt is a highly responsive company that’s easy to deal with
  • Reference checks gave great feedback and confirmed MAV’s experience
  • Portt does what they say they can do and there’s no fine print
  • Portt offers a great product at a great price point and is good value for money
  • The friendly team at Portt is always there to support and encourage organisations through the system

If you’d like to explore what Portt can do for your business, contact us! Our strategic sourcing, contract, and supplier management platform is here to unlock your procurement team’s true potential.