In 2019, the amendments to the Local Government Act 2002 reinstated councils’ focus on wellbeing. However we know that for some councils, this focus never left!

Councils have to consider the ‘Four Well Beings’ when making decisions and planning how activities will contribute to the desired positive outcomes for the communities they serve. 

Let’s take a closer look at how local government councils can work within their organisations to uphold the four pillars of Well Being – both within their four walls, and, importantly, within their wider communities. 

1. Utilise your supply chain

to deliver positive outcomes to your community. Whether it is called Well Being; Positive Procurement; Broader Outcomes or Social and Sustainable, you are going to need help. Work with your supply chain, as suppliers, ratepayers and the wider community can help identify opportunities to enhance the social, economic, environmental, and cultural well-being of your communities. Have them generate ideas with clearly defined, realistic expectations.

2. Create a structured programme

that ensures the Well Being considerations are built into Council processes. It should be part of your standard business practice – not just reactionary. You can’t deliver all four Well Beings in every instance, but considering the possibilities in each programme is likely to provide additional opportunities not previously considered.

3. Collaboratively work with other councils

to align your process and messaging so that there is consistent understanding for anyone involved in delivering Well Beings. Mixed messaging never works and helping your suppliers and the community understand your intent will mean they can help find solutions. Create an online community to share ideas, ask questions and utilise the expertise available.

4. Get the big picture

Local and Central Government are both focussed on delivering value to New Zealand. Value does not mean lowest cost! Think about cost savings, sure, but what about efficiency – faster delivery for example? Value may include creating jobs, paying living wages and protecting the environment.

Consider how you can create a community of good practice that focuses on the Well Beings. Sharing of ideas and information will help progression. Your community will view this positively.

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Article written by: Fiona Nissen, Executive Regional Manager – New Zealand, ArcBlue Consulting.