Portt, a leader in modern enterprise software for procurement, contract and third-party management, has announced it is partnering with Rob; a proven, industry awarded, procurement leader, with significant experience across multiple industries, including Automotive, Chemicals, Aerospace, Telco, Tertiary and Financial Services.

Portt offers a market-leading solution that enables users to deliver procurement projects in a compliant, structured and auditable process from procurement planning through to contract award, and management of the contract life-cycle through to eventual close out or renewal. In 2021, Portt released the Portt Discover product, an enterprise-grade premier third-party risk, due diligence, onboarding and management platform. Portt’s technology is utilised by organisations across the many industries and verticals including; large state government, healthcare, banking and finance, resources, higher education and federal governments. Organisations who have deployed Portt benefit with a complete overview of procurement, contract and supplier activities and performance, organisational budgets and a streamlined administrative process underpinned by procurement best practice.

Rob Halsall, says: “I am delighted to embark on this relationship with Portt. I have been extremely impressed with the Portt product suite and execution capability, as well as the value it can bring not just to the procurement and supply chain function, but the broader enterprise. Driving productivity, visibility and digitally enabled workflow, with real-time data visualisation, are essential for commercial business functions. For procurement teams, digitising the ‘buy side’ of the organisation is a critical enabler for improved success. We know that with the ability to workflow key processes, configure data parameters upfront and create actionable insights, Procurement can broaden its value proposition further to deliver on economic, social and critical risk parameters within the Public and Private sector.”

Mark Reddy, Head of Growth for Portt says: “We are thrilled to have such a recognised, experienced and quality-thinker like Rob join our wider family here at Portt. Rob’s passion for digital acumen in procurement, paired with his broad experience across many industries will provide many brand and market opportunities for our business as we continue our growth in the ANZ Region… He wears the Portt swag quite well too!”


Portt is the fastest-growing provider of workflow management & data solutions for enabling commercial teams in the Private and Public Sectors to streamline compliance, governance and performance management across their suppliers, contracts and procurement activities. Since 2010, Portt’s solutions have been deployed by organisations across many industries to improve capability and create high-performing commercial teams that mitigate third-party risk, ensure compliance, deliver best value outcomes and operate with socially responsible supply chains. Portts’ customers range from super-departments like NSW Health, through to local governments such as Quenbeayan-Palerang Council. In the private sector Portt works across Banking, Finance, Resources, Energy and Metals as well as Higher Education. Across the ditch, the largest central government departments such as Ministry of Education, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment rely heavily on the capabilities Portt delivers. Portts’ mission is simple, empower commercial teams to make faster and more informed decisions.