Thoroughly evaluate risks

Thoroughly assess, evaluate, and manage potential and known risks of suppliers with unparalleled ease.

Improve efficiency

Improve your onboarding efficiency through a systematic, monitored and consistent approach across your organisation.

Build stronger relationships

Maintain strong supplier relationships by reducing miscommunication and enhancing collaboration.

Monitor records

Maintain effective record keeping throughout the life of your contracts, including seamless integration into records management systems.

Enhanced integration

Integrate data and business functions with convenience throughout the entire supplier lifecycle.

Collaborate with suppliers

Collaborate directly with your suppliers for transparency on obligation management. Share critical milestones, deliverables and compliance activities with your suppliers in digital form.

Simple, smart and highly intuitive

Receive personalised alerts and reminders; you’ll never miss a deadline or task again! 

Create bespoke workflows

Consistently capture and action key obligations with seamless, bespoke workflow creation.