Capture key information

Capture valuable documentation, data and insights required for excellent supplier management.

Detailed classifications

Classify and report on suppliers based on a wide range of classifications, including key government metrics.

Track insurances

Manage supplier insurances with ease, including status and relevant expirations.

User-friendly interface

Keep track of audit trails, approvals, variations and contracts conveniently online via a user-friendly interface.

Live track performance

Track supplier performance with clarity and insight. Immediately understand performance in real-time, gain feedback, and assess risks.

Automation and templates

Speed up performance management, tasks and contract management plans with templates and automation.

Achieve rapid setup

The plug-and-play solution you’ve been looking for. Add your supplier’s name, and we’ll do the rest.

Risk and issue templates

Reduce and manage risk with advanced risk and issue templates specific to each procurement and contract type.

Enhanced collaboration

Collaborate in real-time with internal and external stakeholders, including obtaining and sharing eSignatures and documents.