Detailed contract register

Store all key contract information (such as compliance activities, milestones, costs, and forecasting) in one spot!

Unparalleled insights

Unparalleled analytics with insight-drawing capabilities that integrate seamlessly with existing technology

Superior cost management

Manage approval workflows, contract costing, lifecycle times and project scope with ease

Automation and templates

Speed up performance management, tasks and contract management plans with templates and automation

User-friendly interface

Keep track of audit trails, approvals, variations, and contracts conveniently online via a user-friendly interface

Master panel management

Track and manage all forms of master contracts with advanced master agreement and panel management

Strategic task management

Experience easy, strategic management of general tasks, milestones, obligations, and compliance activities against contracts

Risk and issue templates

Reduce and manage risk with advanced risk and issue templates specific to each procurement and contract type

Contract collaboration

Collaborate in real-time with internal and external stakeholders, including obtaining and sharing eSignatures and documents